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1.      Development and Psychometrics Of The Planned Behavior Theory Based Tool related To Hand Hygiene and Its Application In An Interventional Study Among Nursing Staff Of Selected Public Hospitals in Tehran Province


2.      study of the Performance of multiwall carbon nanotubes in the post treatment of leachate treatment plant (case study:Aradkuh leachate treatment plant)


3.      Investigate the feasibility of treating gaseous emissions of Dioxide sulfur and VOCs by metal organic frameworks using molecular simulation


4.      Modeling of optimized process of ultrasonic and Ag activated persulfate using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) for removing of amoxicillin from aqueous solutions


5.      The Effect of Intervention on Food Consumption Behavior and Waste Production in Restaurants of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, 2015


6.      Catalytic Ozonation Efficiency of Magnetic MgFe2O4 Nano-particles for removal of 4-chlrophenol from aqueous environments


7.      Investigation of removal efficiency of Cationic dyes ( Methylene blue and Rhodamine B ) from aqueous solutions by nano silicate adsorbent


8.      Effect of Educational Intervention based on Health Belief Model on Colorectal Cancer-related Preventive Nutritional Behaviors among Workers of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences,Faculties in 2015


9.      The Effect of Educational Intervention based on Transtheoretical Model on Physical Activity among Gilangharb District Health Center Staffs in 2015


10.  A study on combination of Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) and sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation process for the treatment of perchloroethylene-polluted water


11.  Antibacterial characterization of Polyvinylidine fluoride,Polyvinyl pyrolidone Nano-fiber beds containing multimetallic-Nano zeolite Y (silver, zinc and copper)


12.  Catalytic Ozonation Efficiency of Magnetic MgFe2O4 Nano-particles for removal of 4-chlrophenol from aqueous environments


13.  Spatial distribution and potential sources of heavy metals in surface waters of Zanjan province                               


14.  Study on removal of Diclofenac by combined Ozonation /Persulfate process from aqueous solutions


15.  Assessment of Indoor Background Gamma Radiation in Tehran in winter and spring 2017



16.  Anxiety, stress and depression in the Staff department of health centers and deputy of health Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 95


17.  Study of biodiesel fuel production from wastewater grease a dairy industry in Tehran


18.  Development, Psychometric Properties & Application of Nurses’ Knowledge about Adult Learning Principles Questionnaire


19.  Measurement of organic pollutants: PAH, Phetalates and heavy metals in the leachate of municipal solid waste landfills in the selected cities of Iran


20.  Effect of organic loading rate on performance, operation parameters and sludge yield in the FBBSBR and FBBSCR using for municipal wastewater treatment: modeling and optimization


21.  Fabrication of microwave absorbing with high performance, lightweight and resistant to deformation by heating, usable in the manufacture of personal protective equipment


22.  Assessment of bioaerosol contamination (bacteria and fungi) in the air of a wastewater treatment plant in one of the biggest hospitals in Tehran


23.  Survey of Antibacterial properties of doped-metal organic frameworks (MOFS) doped to imidazole


24.  Behavioral assessment of rats exposed to pristine polystyrene nanoparticles upon oral exposure


25.  The study on the efficiency of Peroxymonosulfate/UV/MnO2 nanoparticles for 4-Chlorophenol removal


26.  Survey Of Physical Activity Among Melli Bank’s Personnel In Tehran City Based on Trans-theoretical Model In 2017


27.  Identify the components of TOC and determine the potential of disinfection by-products (DBPs) of drinking water in Tehran


28.  Investigating cognitive performance under different Annoyance and mental workload using artificial neural network


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