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Center goals:

  1. Implementation of fundamental and applied scientific projects in various fields of environmental health science and engineering. Subject areas may include, but are not limited to water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, soil contamination, air pollution, foods, medical entomology and fighting carriers, etc
  2. Design, implementation and evaluation of health education courses and promotion of health in diverse settings and occupational work places
  3. Implementation of fundamental and applied research projects in various fields of safety sciences, occupational health engineering, occupational toxicology and ergonomics set out with the aim of resolving occupational health and safety problems in the country
  4. Attracting students attention who are studying in the field of public health and other related subjects to conduct their researches (postgraduate theses or dissertations) at the center
  5. Publication of books, journals and scientific articles
  6. Promotion of health research (qualitatively and quantitatively)
  7. Creating a platform for effective communication with industrial sector
  8. Research collaborations with national and international institutions and organizations
  9. Implementation of remedial and novitiate courses in order to empower the center members
  10. Promoting health awareness at community level

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